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Impact of Your Gift

“Across Kentucky, I saw the heroic struggle to provide equal education thwarted by the barrier of unequal resources.

It was essential that we harness the power of television to assure the education and enrichment of our people so they would have every possible opportunity.

We could not afford to accept less.”

O. Leonard Press, KET founder and first executive director

With this noble inspiration, KET embarked on a mission to improve the quality of life for all Kentuckians. Thanks to friends and supporters like you who share a common vision of what television can and should be, KET has grown into a transformational force in education, citizenship, and culture.

Serving more than two million people each week and delivering classroom instruction to every Kentucky school, KET is one of the nation’s largest public television networks and second largest in the world. KET’s broadcast programs open a window to lifelong learning, the discovery of new ideas and perspectives, and a world of possibilities. KET’s pioneering educational services change lives and prepare learners of every age for success in school and life. But there’s more work to be done and lives to be touched.

The future of KET – and the Commonwealth – demands that we step up to a greater-than-ever call for services. With your financial help, KET can answer the call and serve the public’s trust with quality, integrity, and impact.

Your support will enable KET to:

  • strengthen homes, schools, and communities
  • nurture the human mind and spirit
  • connect people, places, and traditions
  • showcase a world of beauty, creativity, and discovery
  • develop the full potential of our youngest viewers
  • encourage civic dialogue and engagement in issues that shape our future
  • bring learning to life through classroom innovations and K-12 accredited coursework
  • offer teachers the tools necessary to inspire a new generation
  • help mothers and fathers earn GED certificates and become college- or career-ready

KET’s impact is limited not by reach, will or imagination, but only by funding. Thus, we turn to those who also believe in education, culture and community to help advance our common values.

Thank you for your trust and generosity. Your gift makes a difference.