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General FAQ

How is my gift used?
Your gift makes it possible for KET to bring unique, thought-provoking, and entertaining programming to nearly every household across Kentucky. Each year, KET spends more than $3 million to bring you high-quality programming from PBS. In addition, we produce ongoing series highlighting Kentucky people, places, history, arts, culture, and public issues: Kentucky Life, Kentucky Tonight, Comment on Kentucky, Connections, and Legislative Update during regular legislative sessions.

Funding for all of these programs and productions comes via donations from donors like you.

What is the difference between a Sustainer and an annual contributor?
A Sustainer is a KET donor who gives an ongoing monthly gift to KET from a credit card or Electric Funds Transfer directly from a checking account starting with as little as $5 a month. The gift automatically renews each year until you make changes to your gift. A Sustainer gift also allows you to spread your gifts out over the year – making less impact on your budget while providing reliable and continuous support for KET. Sustainers can change their gift at any time.

While a typical KET Member makes a one-time gift each year, a Sustainer membership doesn’t expire. It renews each year and is the easiest and greenest way to show your continued support for KET and the programming you enjoy. You’ll also enjoy continuous delivery of KET’s monthly program guide Visions.

Is my gift tax-deductible?
Your contributions to KET are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Occasionally, the amount of a contribution that is tax-deductible will be reduced because of the fair-market value of a premium received as a thank-you for a donation (such as a coffee mug, DVD, CD, tickets, or package). KET sends out a notification with all of this information each time a gift is made and an annual summary for sustaining gifts in January of each year.

Don’t my tax dollars support KET?
American taxpayers contribute an average of $1.35 annually toward funding public television. Federal funding is vital to public television — it provides a strong base of financial footing for our enterprise. But for each dollar received from federal funds, public television stations match it with more than five dollars from individual and private supporters.

The state of Kentucky also provides substantial funding for KET, but those state funds are dedicated for specific things: instructional programs distributed via satellite and digital broadcast to Kentucky schools; programs that dispense vital information statewide; staff members to produce, purchase, and broadcast those programs; and the physical plant and signal delivery systems. This means that the majority of funding for the programs KET brings into your home must come from viewers like you.

Explore the value of public television at

What are the benefits of supporting KET?
In addition to the great programs you receive every day on KET, all donors who give $60 ($5/month) or more will receive KET’s monthly program guide Visions and enrollment in the KET Family Fun Club.

We also have benefits for those donors who can contribute at a higher level.

Will my employer match my gift?
As a non-profit educational institution, many employers will match or even triple an employee’s gifts to KET. Please contact your human resources department to find if your company will match your contribution.

How do I get my child’s names read on-air?
All children enrolled in the Family Fun Club (ages 10 and under) will have their names read on-air during the week of their birthday. KET must have the name and date at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the birthday month to be included. Any member making a one-time donation of at least $60 annually, or at least a $5 monthly sustaining donation, is eligible to enroll up to 4 children in Family Fun Club for this benefit.

Why support?
Serving more than two million people each week and delivering classroom instruction to every Kentucky school, KET is one of nation’s largest public television networks, the second largest in the world. KET’s broadcast programs open a window to lifelong learning, the discovery of new ideas and perspectives, and a world of possibilities. KET’s pioneering educational services change lives and prepare learners of every age for success in school and life. But there’s more work to be done and more lives to touch.

The future of KET – and the Commonwealth – demands that we step up to a greater-than-ever call for services. With your financial help, KET can answer the call and serve the public’s trust with quality, integrity, and impact.

Your support will enable KET to:

  • strengthen homes, schools, and communities.
  • nurture the human mind and spirit.
  • connect people, places, and traditions.
  • showcase a world of beauty, creativity, and discovery.
  • develop the full potential of our youngest viewers.
  • encourage civic dialogue and engagement in issues that shape our future.
  • bring learning to life through classroom innovations and K-12 accredited coursework.
  • offer teachers the tools necessary to inspire a new generation.
  • help mothers and fathers earn GED certificates and become college- or career-ready.

KET’s impact is limited not by reach, will, or imagination, but only by funding. Thus, we turn to those who also believe in education, culture, and community to help advance our common values.