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Giving & Benefits

Much of the thanks for KET’s essential programs and services belongs to more than 50,000 members in eight states who show us with their donation that they believe in KET. Whatever amount works for you, works for KET — the important choice is to give. You can make convenient, affordable Sustaining donations each month, or a single contribution once a year. All gifts are tax-deductible.

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Why join Kentucky Educational Television?

KET welcomes any member of the public to join us in supporting our mission with a membership, starting at $60/year or $5/month. For less than a monthly cable bill or one cup of coffee each week, you can ensure KET stays strong.

Explore Member Benefits

KET Membership
$60 or $5/month

Visions, KET’s monthly magazine and viewing guide, is delivered to your mailbox for one year. Keep up with KET’s daily broadcast schedule and stay informed of KET’s events and impact in your community.

KET Passport is the member benefit that provides extended access to an on-demand online library of quality public television programming! Learn more about KET Passport.

  • KET’s Family Fun Club: Did you know that PBS is the #1 most-trusted media brand in educational children’s content? Programs like Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and Sesame Street paved the way for public media to open a world of unlimited possibilities for all of America’s children. If KET’s children’s programming is valuable to you and you have up to four children under age 10 that are important to you, register them for KET’s Family Fun Club. You will receive the benefits above, plus:
  • Welcome packet of activities and coloring sheets
  • On-air birthday greetings the week of your child’s birthday
  • KET’s online Parenting email
  • Invitations to events across Kentucky

Be sure to submit names, addresses and birthdates with your donation, or contact KET Membership at 800-866-0366 or to enroll.

Sustaining membership is where commitment meets convenience. This monthly giving option makes ongoing support for KET easy, accessible, and more affordable. Monthly gifts of $5 or more continue until you contact KET to make a change. This way your Membership and benefits are always active, so you no longer need to remember when to renew and for how much.

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Membership with KET MemberCard
$75 or $6.25/month

For $75 or more, you also receive KET Digital MemberCard, which entitles you to discounts and 2-for-1 savings at more than 360 restaurants and attractions across the state. This includes arts and heritage sites, family activities, arts performances, bed-and-breakfasts, even sports and leisure activities. See the benefits of having a KET MemberCard.

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Cornerstone Society

The Cornerstone Society recognizes donors who believe in the mission of KET and have chosen to make an increased impact. As part of this dedicated giving community, you receive all Membership benefits, plus:

  • Invitations to premieres and other special events
  • In Focus newsletter, a bi-annual update on the impact of your gift
  • Recognition in KET’s annual donor list in Visions

For more information, please contact:
Kacie Miller | Director of Philanthropy | 859-258-7206 |

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Fund for Excellence

The Fund for Excellence is KET’s oldest annual-giving society, where passion meets philanthropy and a commitment to public media’s mission is realized. As a member of KET’s leadership level society, you receive all of the above benefits, plus:

  • Tour KET’s Network Center, if desired
  • Repeated, statewide television recognition
  • Premier football parking for all University of Kentucky home games. (KET’s Network Center is located adjacent to UK’s Kroger Field, making this one of the most popular benefits for Fund for Excellence members!)
  • Invitation to KET’s annual tailgate party – an exclusive stewardship celebration for Fund for Excellence donors. This is no black-tie affair!

For more information, please contact:
Kacie Miller | Director of Philanthropy | 859-258-7206 |

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Legacy Circle
Wills or Estate Planning

Ensure the bright future of KET with a gift in your will or estate plan. Legacy Circle gifts are invested in one of KET’s endowments, and provide a steady source of support for the programs and services our viewers enjoy. Legacy Circle members may choose to receive these benefits:

  • Repeated television recognition honoring the commitment
  • Continuous subscription to Visions program guide
  • Meet and greet KET hosts and tour the Network Center, if desired
  • Invitations to KET special events

For more information, please contact:
Kacie Miller | Director of Philanthropy | 859-258-7206 |

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KET Founder, O. Leonard Press

O. Leonard Press Society

KET honors those whose extraordinary annual support reflects the same strength of character and commitment as KET’s founder. May your place in this prestigious giving community inspire others to follow your example. You receive all of the above benefits, plus:

  • Meet KET’s on-air hosts, if desired
  • On-air acknowledgments throughout KET’s broadcast schedule 12 times each month.

For more information, please contact:
Kacie Miller | Director of Philanthropy | 859-258-7206 |

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