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Submit a Program to KET

Nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, independent producers, government agencies, and others who share and value KET’s mission are invited to submit Kentucky-centered programs to be considered for broadcast on Kentucky Educational Television.

Please review the overview below, as well as Editorial Guidelines, Technical Requirements, and Program Deliverables.

Program Submission Overview

If you have a program that is Kentucky-centric, of interest to viewers in the Commonwealth, and meets KET’s editorial guidelines and technical requirements, we invite you to submit it for consideration. This handbook is intended to serve as a general guide and is not an exhaustive source of information. As each production’s needs are unique, your station representative will serve as the ultimate authority on all matters.


  • How are programs chosen for broadcast?
    Each project is judged on many criteria, including but not limited to the quality of the proposal or completed work, the needs of the schedule, and whether it meets KET’s production guidelines. If the project is accepted, deadlines will be determined and a strategy for facilitating broadcast/distribution of the program will be set. Producers will be notified shortly thereafter.
  • How do I get the program to KET for review?
    Send a link or DVD of the program, along with your name, address, email address, and phone number, plus a one-paragraph description of the program, to the address below. You will receive confirmation of receipt of your program. Programs are screened in the order they arrive at KET. Due to the large number of programs screened each week, the turnaround is usually several weeks.

    Karen Bell, Director of Programming / (859) 258-7377
    600 Cooper Dr.
    Lexington, KY 40502
  • I have a great idea! Can you fund my program?
    At this time we are unable to provide financial assistance for outside productions. We are also unable to connect you with potential funders. A list of funding resources can be found here.
  • What costs can I anticipate from airing and distributing with KET?
    KET does not accept payment for airing programs that meet editorial and production standards. If your program is distributed nationally, you will be expected to cover costs related to technical evaluation, closed captioning and any distributor fees, which can vary depending on length and frequency of feed. We will help you understand any costs up front and help connect you with outside resources such as station relations consultants or public media marketing professionals.
  • How are programs aired in other markets?
    For national distribution, KET most often works with PBS (, NETA ( and APT ( Each entity has different content priorities, procedures and costs. KET will work with you to determine the best path for your program. More information on distribution can be found on their websites.
  • Can I send a press release about my show?
    Yes! It’s essential for producers to take an active role in the promotion and marketing of their program. KET needs to be informed on any media pitches and press releases/announcements and requires approval of anything using our name or logo.
  • You’ve greenlit my program, can you tell me when it will air?
    KET will only determine an airdate once a program is in-house and has passed editorial and technical evaluation. Once the master file has been received, screened, and approved by KET, the program will be scheduled. Programs are scheduled two to three months in advance. You will be notified of the air dates.
  • How do you determine on which KET channel a program airs?
    Programs considered for broadcast are accepted or scheduled at the sole discretion of KET’s Programming staff. KET broadcasts programming across three main distribution channels: KET, KET2 and The Kentucky Channel (KETKY).  Each project is judged on many criteria, including the quality of the proposal or completed work, the credentials of the production team, the needs of the schedule, and whether a program is Kentucky-centric or highlights topics of interest to viewers in the Commonwealth.