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A New Direction for Adult Education

Making a Difference

A New Direction for Adult Education

Fast Forward

A New Direction for Adult Education

In 1975, KET created its first series for GED® study, and ever since then, Kentuckians—and adult learners around the country—have turned to KET for video instruction to get ready for the GED high-school equivalency test.

Fast forward to 2014, and the landscape is drastically changed, yet the need is still critical. As an all-new, online-based GED test launches this month, a new test-preparation system from KET, Fast Forward, also launches to address the needs of today’s adult learner.

“The biggest change about the GED test is that it’s computer-based, and that drove our decision to put most of our resources into computer-based instruction,” said Tonya Crum, KET’s director of adult education and workforce training. “That includes text, videos, interactive tools, and other ways for students to practice the material in a hands-on way. We’re trying to incorporate all the different learning styles.

“We’ve made this product as much like the new test as possible so that students won’t be surprised or have difficulty,” adds Crum. “We’ve included a highlighter tool so students can highlight right on the screen, and an on-screen calculator just like they’ll use in the test.”

The online Fast Forward system is highly customizable. Students will be able to work at their own pace, guided by a learning plan designed just for them based on content area pre-tests.

Fast Forward offers courses in four subject areas: math, language arts, science, and social studies. It follows the organization of the GED tests, but Fast Forward can be used by students throughout the nation to prepare for any of the official high school equivalency exams because it is aligned to national Common Core and College and Career Ready standards. Although Kentucky continues to offer the GED test, other states have chosen alternative tests. Fast Forward will provide the necessary preparation to help students succeed on any of these tests.

In addition to the online instruction, Fast Forward will also offer e-books designed for those students needing less intensive instruction but who wish to brush up for the test. The first of these, in language arts, will be introduced soon, with the remainder to follow later this year.

This new test-prep system is available at Kentucky residents can call 800-KET-4GED for special pricing and support.

As part of the new college and career program, KET is also producing a series of four CPB-funded half-hour documentaries profiling adult students from around the country seeking to better themselves through attaining their high-school credential. Those students, some of whose photos appear here on these pages, are featured in the inspirational programs airing this fall on KET.