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Kentucky Tornadoes

Severe Weather: Staying Safe


Spring can be a dangerous season in Kentucky, with a higher potential for tornadoes, severe storms, lightning, and flooding. Experts answer viewers’ questions about severe weather and how to prepare for storm season.

March 14 at 9/8 p.m. on KET

Cars driving in severe weather

Kentucky Tornadoes Aftermath

A KET Special Report

This KET report examines the rescue, recovery and rebuilding efforts of Kentucky communities devastated by the tornadoes of December 2021. The program interviews storm survivors, spotlights the work of first responders and talks with state leaders about what can be done to aid the communities, families and businesses that suffered such loss.

The words KENTUCKY TORNADOES AFTERMATH: A KET SPECIAL REPORT appear over a diffuse image of clouds in the sky with a thin border around the image.

You Can Help

If you would like to lend a hand to Kentuckians in need, you can donate to the
Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund.

Kids and Families

Characters from the Arthur series sleeping in a shelter after a storm.

Arthur: Shelter from the Storm

When a hurricane hits Elwood City, the entire community is affected. The children experience a range of emotions and learn that getting help and helping others are good ways to cope with their fears and anxieties.

A close-up of a woman talking with a girl she is seated next to.

Caregiver Tips for Talking About Emergencies

If a crisis has occurred in your community, use these tips for talking about emergencies with young children.

An illustration showing a hospital, a police car, a fire engine and photos of the people who works with them.

Families Help Each Other: Emergencies

If a crisis has occurred in your community, reassure children that adults are working to keep them safe.

A lantern, batteries, radio, flashlight, first-aid kit and more needed for emergencies.

Handling Emergencies

Whether you’re preparing for the unexpected or recovering from it, your reassurance and comfort hold great power to soothe children even on the scariest, toughest days.

A woman with long dark hair talking with the Muppet Rosita.

Offering Comfort

During tough times—both everyday challenges and more serious experiences—support from caring adults can offer children comfort and reassurance.

Alan talking with Big Bird on the steps in front of a house.

Traumatic Experiences

When a child endures a traumatic experience, the whole family feels the impact. But adults hold the power to help lessen its effects.

Characters from Arthur and Daniel Tiger along with the words WHEN SOMETHING SCARY HAPPENS in white and pink on a medium blue background.

When Something Scary Happens

Resources to help families cope in emergencies and other challenging times.