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Inside Opioid Addiction Forum

KET hosts a special discussion about the opioid epidemic that is devastating so many families and communities in Kentucky.

For the past year, we have been exploring these as issues as part of our on-going “Inside Opioid Addiction” initiative.

Host Renee Shaw brings together a diverse panel of experts who each bring a unique perspective on how to tackle this complex issue.  The conversation focuses on the core issues surrounding this epidemic: treatment, law enforcement and prevention.

Guests include. Vickie Yates Brown Glisson, Secretary of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services; John Tilley, Secretary of the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet; Tara Moseley, State Program Director for Young People in Recovery; Nancy Hale  President and CEO of Operation UNITE; Emerson Goodwin, Corporate Regional Director of KentuckyCare in Western KY; and Charlotte Wethington, a  recovery advocate and the mother of Casey Wethington who lost his life to an overdose .

The audience includes dedicated legislators, law enforcement officials, health care providers, people in recovery, educators, prevention specialists and concerned citizens.


See behind the scenes photos from the filming of our Inside Opioid Addiction Forum on Facebook.