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Take Our Antiques Roadshow Quiz

How deep does your Roadshow knowledge go?

1. How many times has the Antiques Roadshow production tour visited Kentucky?

2. In Season 20, Antiques Roadshow featured a Belmont Stakes sterling tray awarded to the first-ever Triple Crown winner in 1919 — before it was even known as the Triple Crown! What is the name of that champion racehorse?

3. “Churchill Downs Racetrack, Hour 2” features a mid-1960s silver snaffle bit bracelet from which luxury fashion house that started off making leather goods for the horse carriage trade?

4. Which expert, appearing since season one, holds the distinction of being the only appraiser brought to tears by the magnificence and rarity of an item?

5. What record-breaking value did appraiser Leila Dunbar place on an 1871-1872 Boston Red Stockings archive (featuring photographic baseball cards and player letters) brought to the New York City Roadshow in 2014?

6. What item was the appraiser referring to when he told the guest, “Well, sir, you have a national treasure,” after delivering the value of $350,000 to $500,000 in 2001 (and later updated in 2016 to $750,000 to $1 million)?


1: Three (1998 for Season 3, 2007 for Season 12, 2018 for Season 23)
2: Sir Barton
3: Hermès (Its logo still features a horse and buggy!)
4: Asian arts expert Lark Mason
5: $1 million (The highest ever for a Roadshow sport memorabilia find!)
6: Navajo Ute First Phase Blanket, ca. 1850 — a Roadshow-staff favorite appraisal