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KET Credit Card Security

Our Web server is enabled with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security. That is why you will see a security notice, a key, or a lock icon appear when you make an online contribution to KET. The icon means that your computer and our computer are communicating in an encrypted session.

So what is encryption? Encryption (and decryption) can be understood as a secret code—a code generated by the Web server and communicated to your computer. All communications between the two computers then are encoded during an SSL session. Encryption is the process of transforming information so that it can’t be read (decrypted) by anyone except the intended recipient—in this case, one individual employee at KET.

KET’s version of SSL uses a computational formula with approximately one trillion possible keys. That means that your data is being encrypted with a secret code that requires a key to “unlock” (decrypt) and that your key is one of a trillion possible keys. Because our Web server creates that key, our Web server is the only one in the world able to decode your transaction.

The SSL security system is both fast and comprehensive. All data being passed from your computer to ours is encrypted, then decrypted by our server, and then held in a safe data repository while the contribution is being processed.