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Suplex Tacos

Three brothers from San Diego — Ray, Sergio, and Ron Garcia — moved to eastern Kentucky and opened a restaurant serving West Coast (or SoCal) style Mexican food. Although the concept of a taco shop, common to California, was new to diners in the area, the restaurant quickly became a hit.

Suplex Tacos (in Ashland) is named after a wrestling move, and a wrestling theme dominates the decor and the menu, with selections such as the Tag-team Burrito and the Contender Chimichanga. Wrestling masks are hung on the walls of the restaurant.

Patrons seem to enjoy the theme, the Garcia brothers say. “It’s something that’s close to us. We used to watch it and play around like we were wrestlers,” said Ron Garcia.

Its top-selling menu items are burritos.

“It stays true to what Mexican flavors are supposed to be,” said Ron Garcia. “And it also adds the lifestyle of moving Americans, that they need a drive-thru, you know, they need something that is more self-serve.”

This segment is part of Kentucky Life episode #2102, which originally appeared on November 21, 2015. Watch the full episode.