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Senate Committee Looks Favorably on ‘Look Before You Lock’ Bill

It’s hard to imagine anyone being punished for rescuing a child, even if they have to damage property to do so. However there is currently no law in place to protect such good Samaritans.

Senate Bill 16, the Look Before You Lock Act, would provide civil immunity for those who break into a car when the safety of a minor is at stake. The person needs to have the good-faith belief that there was no other option to rescue the child. They must also contact local law enforcement and stay with the minor until help arrives.

The measure passed with favorable expression in the Senate Judiciary Committee meeting on Thursday.

Sen. Ray Jones (D-Pikeville) noted that in what some consider a “litigious society,” no lawsuit has come from a situation in which a car was broken into to save someone. Sen. Danny Carroll (R-Paducah), the bill’s sponsor, said there is still a need to provide this kind of immunity.

Senate Bill 53 is a similar bill, but relates to pets instead of children. That measure bill, also sponsored by Sen. Carroll, passed favorably as well.

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