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How Smart Can We Get?

See inside Einstein's brain, learn how to boost your memory, meet people who became savants after an injury, and more.
Season 6 Episode 7 Length 52:16 Premiere: 11/15/12

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Season 6 Episodes

How Smart Can We Get?

S6 E7 Length 52:16 Premiere Date 11/15/12

Cooking with Chemicals

Clip Length 00:27 Premiere Date 06/03/13

Criminal Minds: Born or Made?

Clip Length 15:40 Premiere Date 12/20/12

Sneak Peek: What Will the Future Be Like?

Clip Length 04:23 Premiere Date 11/13/12

Cook's Illustrated Burgers

Clip Length 02:59 Premiere Date 10/24/12

Cook's Illustrated Potatoes

Clip Length 02:46 Premiere Date 10/24/12

Cook's Illustrated Sugar

Clip Length 02:49 Premiere Date 10/24/12

Cook's Illustrated Sauces

Clip Length 03:05 Premiere Date 10/24/12

Unravelling Bolero

Clip Length 04:28 Premiere Date 10/22/12

How Smart Can We Get? Preview

Preview Length 00:29 Premiere Date 09/18/12

NOVA scienceNOW Season 6 Promo

Preview Length 03:05 Premiere Date 07/23/12

Video Short: Hunting Meteorites

Clip Length 03:43 Premiere Date 09/01/06

Video Short: Found It!

Clip Length 01:11 Premiere Date 01/01/06

Fastest Glacier

Clip Length 06:06 Premiere Date 07/01/05

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