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Episode #602 First Aired: February 15, 2014

Kentucky Muse presents a new concert special featuring Appalatin, a Louisville-based group of musicians who seamlessly blends the music of Appalachia and Latin America to form an irresistible new sound.

The program includes a high-energy live performance from Natasha’s Bistro in Lexington and interviews with band members, who provide commentary and background about individual songs, instruments, and musical styles.
The band specializes in arranging classic songs like the Bluegrass standard “Shady Grove” and Ecuador’s traditional “Alpa Mayo” in exciting new ways that audiences have never heard before.

Appalatin’s acoustic instrumentation features classical and steel string guitars; traditional native wood flutes and pan flutes; harmonica; mandolin; charango (Andean ukelele); bass; and a myriad of percussion (congas, bongos, cajon, maracas, cow-bell and guiro to name a few).

Band members are Yani Vozos (Kentucky), Marlon Obando (Nicaragua), Fernando Moya (Ecuador), Steve Sizemore (Kentucky), Luke McIntosh (Australia), and Luis de Leon (Mexico/Guatemala).