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Lexington Pasta Garage

Lexington Pasta was founded in 2009 by Lesme Romero and Reinaldo Gonzalez. The restaurant uses pasta made in-house by Lexington Pasta.

“Two and a half, three years ago, they came up with the concept of not just of production but a restaurant as well,” said executive chef Jake Gaunce.

What makes Pasta Garage unique? The pasta, of course, said Gaunce, but also, everything else is made from scratch.

The dough is made with fresh eggs, semolina and durum flours, then it’s rolled out onto big spools, and cut into different sizes. Patrons can choose their own sauce and toppings, or choose one of the chef’s picks.

“We’re actually very well known for our gnocchi, and that’s what I was using when I first started buying Lexington Pasta,” said Gaunce.

The restaurant has thrived at its Delaware Avenue location. The area used to be more an industrial area but now boasts an eclectic mix of businesses, Gaunce said. “… we’ve definitely been very successful for being off the beaten path, as some say.”

They plan to expand to private dining and catering, and eventually open other locations.

This segment is part of Kentucky Life episode #2212 which originally aired on April 8, 2017. Watch the full episode.