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Levi Jackson State Park Treetop Adventure

At Levi Jackson State Park, just east of the Daniel Boone National Forest, adventurous visitors can challenge themselves with obstacles high – and not-so-high – above the ground.

“This is an aerial adventure park,” says Chris Robinson, executive director of the London Tourism Commission. “We have five trails, and each trail has 12 obstacles. We just say 60 obstacles built into the trees.”

The obstacles in the Treetop Adventure vary in type and difficulty. You’ll find ladders, swings, ziplines, and more along the trails that connect tree to tree throughout the course.

Although there’s a challenge for everyone, you don’t need to be an experienced climber or especially athletic to enjoy the obstacles. The courses start at a beginner level and progress to more advanced.

All participants start with a safety orientation to learn the safety harness and climbing system. This allows everyone to explore the course at their own pace and gain confidence without needing a guide, although staff members are always available to assist.

“Some people come and do one course, some people do all five,” says Robinson. “Each course can take from ten to 40 minutes. You get two and a half hours of play.”

This segment is part of Kentucky Life episode #2311, which originally aired on May 5, 2018. Click here to watch the full episode.