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KET’s New PBS LearningMedia Site Offers Expanded Resources on Youth Mental Health

KET’s six-part series on youth mental health, “You Are Not Alone,” aired this spring and presented a comprehensive overview of important issues in the mental health community that impact teens and young adults. Now, KET has created a webpage in its PBS LearningMedia portal that offers the entire “You Are Not Alone” series in short, classroom-friendly segments, as well as additional resources to give educators, advocates, parents, and peers the tools they need to reach young people with mental health challenges and improve their lives.

“You Are Not Alone,” hosted by Renee Shaw, brings together teachers, parents, activists, and a diverse group of young people to examine growing trends in youth mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and trauma as well as explore causes behind the recent rise in youth suicides. On KET’s PBS LearningMedia site, the entire series is presented in 22 short segments, each targeting a specific topic. The clips, most of them between five and 10 minutes in length, are useful in school and training settings and also for social media sharing. They are available here.

The PBS LearningMedia webpage also has three full-length focus group discussions that expand on the clips contained in the original series. These roughly hour-long videos were taped at the Frazier History Museum in Louisville, where Renee Shaw led discussions among a group of young people from around Kentucky; a group of parents and mentors; and a group of educators. The videos are available here.

Two other sections on the PBS LearningMedia webpage feature bonus video footage exploring topics related to youth mental health and KET’s “You Are Not Alone” series. Twelve video clips from a 2016 conference held by Operation Parent investigate the ubiquitous role social media plays in teenagers’ everyday lives – available here. And two additional clips present a Kentucky college student’s personal story of struggling with depression and anxiety, and how she found the support to improve her mental wellbeing – available here.

Most of the video clips on our PBS LearningMedia site are supplemented by discussion questions appropriate for classroom or support group use and by viewing guides.

KET’s entire You Are Not Alone series is also available on our Inside Youth Mental Health homepage at