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Fancy Farm 2016

Fancy Farm 2016 Speakers

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Emcee Scott Jennings Sen. Stan Humpries-RGov. Matt Bevin-RU.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell-RRep. Richard Heath-RJessee Wright-DU.S. Sen. Rand Paul-RU.S. Sen. Candidate Jim Gray-DCand. for U.S. Cong. Dist. 1 James Comer-RCand. for U.S. Cong. Dist. 1 Sam Gaskins-DFormer U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan-DGary Wallace-L State Sen. Ralph Alvarado-RKy. Treasurer Allison Ball-RKy. Ag. Comm. Ryan Quarles-RKy. State Auditor Mike Harmon-R

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Emcee Scott Jennings [10:23]

State Senator Stan Humphries [1:56]

Gov. Matt Bevin [6:45]

U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell [5:51]

Incumbent Rep. Richard Heath-R [4:54]

Jessee Wright-D [4:26]

Incumbent Sen. Rand Paul-R [5:17]

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray-D [4:53]

James Comer-R [4:32]

Sam Gaskins-D [2:08]

Former Sen. Kay Hagan-D for Hillary Clinton [5:12]

James Wallace-L for Gary Johnson [4:48]

Ralph Alvarado-R for Donald Trump [4:46]

Ky. Treasurer Allison Ball-R [3:07]

Ky. Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles-R [2:58]

Ky. Auditor Mike Harmon-R [3:07]

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