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Dr. Kim Williams on the Kentucky Health set with host Dr. Tuckson

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Kentucky Health: Preventing Deaths from Coronary Artery Disease
Dr. Misha Rhodes talks about better patient-centered care for seniors.

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Painting Through the Pain
Contemporary artist Mark Collen understands the beauty of expressing pain through art. After he herniated a disk in his lower back, he suffered from serious nerve pain. He struggled to communicate to his doctor about his chronic pain.

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An older woman sits in an armchair while a younger woman holding a child and a pad sit on the arm of the chair.

Hit a Roadblock in Researching Your Roots?
Searching for your roots to answer the ultimate questions about identity is a popular hobby. But it’s easy to get stuck and discouraged in your search. These tips can be helpful.

Two women sit facing each other, one in focus with her head angled downward and the other, in the foreground, is out of focus.

How to Prevent Being Estranged from a Friend
Family estrangement is upsetting, but friend estrangement can be just as or even more distressing than family estrangement, especially as we get older..

A man using hiking poles on a trail with a woman on the trail behind him

Life After My Heart Attack
At 62, after working to make healthier choices, I had a heart attack. Here are the lessons that I’m now carrying with me.

A man wearing a bike helmet on a bike with trees behind him

Reducing Risks of Alzheimer’s and Living
Better with It
Alzheimer’s disease is the health condition Americans 60 or older are most afraid of getting. But dementia experts say research is increasingly demonstrating that there are ways to reduce that risk.

Four people sitting outside around a chess board. One person reaches for a piece.

Researchers Find Strong Relationships Protect Long-Term Health and Happiness
A decades-long Harvard study has concluded that good relationships and close friendships are the key to lifelong health and happiness.

A little girl and an older woman sit at a dining table together looking at a book on the table.

Start Your Own Grandparent-Grandchild Book Club
Grandparent-grandchild book clubs range from very informal to more structured, like those sponsored by libraries and bookstores. They have many similarities to book clubs generally but the benefits differ somewhat.