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Legal Issues

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Legal Issues

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Kentucky Edition: Campaign to Save Senior Nutrition Programs
Dr. Misha Rhodes talks about better patient-centered care for seniors.

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We Have to Make a Concerted Effort to Be Less Alienated from Death and Dying
Today, one in five Americans lives in a state that permits medical aid in dying, sometimes simply called assisted dying. The idea is terminally ill individuals who have six months or less to live can apply for a medically assisted death to limit their suffering. And if they meet the criteria, they can have some say when they will take their last breath.

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3 Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid
Guardianship arrangements aren’t the only things that can go awry in estate plans. Here are a few other common mistakes you’ll want to know about so you can prevent them.

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6 Ways to Save Your Heirs from a Painful Probate
Here are six ways to help your heirs have a painless inheritance experience.

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Before Naming Trustees, Get Their Consent
Living trusts often require trustees to work with financial professionals to manage assets and distribute investment income to beneficiaries, handle taxes and maintain or sell property, among other tasks; be sure they are willing and up to the tasks.

Mom, Do You Have a Will?
Creating a will, along with ensuring other legal directives are in place, can ease your survivors’ minds and allow them to move on with good memories.

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What’s Funny at Work These Days?
When is humor appropriate at work and when is it not these days? And how can workers in their 50s and 60s know what they can or can’t joke about with younger colleagues? Well, it’s complicated.

Where’s Your Heir?
Without a will, the search for heirs can be difficult. If someone dies without leaving a will or naming beneficiaries, a probate judge will likely consider the next of kin to be the heir.