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Elizabeth A. Johnson on the Kentucky Health set

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Kentucky Health: The Future of Long-Term Care in Kentucky
Elizabeth A. Johnson, president and executive director of the Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities and Kentucky Center for Assisted Living, talks about long-term care facilities and resources in Kentucky and the challenges facing the industry as it begins to recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Overlooked Piece of Retirement Planning
If you’re not careful you may wind up spending more on health care than you expect, even with Medicare.

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Two generations of senior adult men wearing blue shirts. On the left, a 93-year-old United States Army World War II and Korean Conflict US Air Force military veteran is looking at his son-in-law on the right. He's a 65 year old US Navy sailor Vietnam War military veteran. They are both wearing their own era-specific generic souvenir shop military veteran commemorative baseball style caps.

Scam Artists Target Older Vets
Here are some tips for recognizing some of the biggest frauds making the rounds and what veterans can do to protect themselves.

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Charitable Giving After You’re Gone
For those with philanthropic interests, charitable giving can be beneficial to the charity and to you as the donor.

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Dump Pessimism from Your Portfolio
When it comes to retirement finances, many of us have a pessimistic outlook. Get tips for taking control of your future.

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Got Unused 529 Plan Money? Here’s Some Good News
Buried in the SECURE Act 2.0 — the 2022 law designed to help people save more for retirement — there is a new provision that lets parents rollover funds from a 529 to a Roth IRA for their child, tax and penalty-free.

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Time to Shake Up Your Savings?
Financial forecasters are telling you what may happen next year. It’s tempting to shake things up with your money, especially if returns have been disappointing. And it might be time.

An older woman sits at a table looking at papers with her hand cradling her forehead

Why Women Outlive Men but Save Less for Retirement
Women live longer than men after the traditional retirement age of 65 yet women save less than men do to support themselves in retirement, Census Bureau data shows.