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Kentucky Health: Senior Care: Better Health Care for the Golden Years
Dr. Misha Rhodes talks about better patient-centered care for seniors.

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The Greatest Gift for Your Parent? Ask What They Want
Growing older can be a gift. The view from the top allows us to see where we’ve been as well as all the possibilities to come. But there’s one circumstance of aging that can painfully alter your perspective. When it comes to making your own decisions, one day you may find your children leaving you out of the conversation.

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Caring for the Aging: A KET Forum

Dr. Wayne Tuckson and a panel of experts discuss the rewarding and challenging experience of caring for the aging, including options for providing in-home and out-of-home care, the skill levels required to render care at home, respite services and support for caregivers and other issues. A KET production.

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An Aging America Continues to Face a Shortage of Care 17 Years After FRONTLINE’s ‘Living Old’ Documentary
Today, America’s geriatric population is still facing many of the same challenges. People at their most advanced age continue to deal with many of the same chronic conditions that those interviewed in Living Old battled.

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The End-of-Life Care That Veterans Need
Every veteran is unique, with a lifetime of memories, stories and achievements. It’s common for intense emotions and memories to resurface at the end of a veteran’s life, sometimes to the surprise of family members who are hearing these things for the first time.

Bonnie Lazor, M.D on the Kentucky Health set with Dr. Wayne Tuckson

Kentucky Health: Chronic Disease Management of the Elderly
In this episode, we learn that balancing quality and the quantity of life is an important part of caring for seniors with progressive chronic diseases. Bonnie Lazor, M.D., medical director at Nazareth Home in Louisville, talks about their new program HELD – Helping Embrace Life Decisions and other senior-care issues.

Dustin Dillon, MD on the Kentucky Health set

Kentucky Health: Hospice and Palliative Care: The Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Dustin Dillon, MD, senior hospice and palliative physician with Hosparus Health, talks about how hospice and palliative care can help patients with life-limiting conditions and what he has learned from those facing their final days.

Natalie Brown, a guest on Kentucky Health

Kentucky Health: Nursing Homes: Ensuring That Critical Needs Are Met
In this episode, we learn that when we or a loved one are trapped in a medical quandary, it’s good to know that an ombudsman is on our side. In this episode, Dr. Wayne Tuckson talks with Ms. Natalie Brown about the long-term care ombudsmen’s program.

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Building Your Caregiving Support Team
When you’re getting into shape, you often have support along the way. You might find a running buddy or hire a personal trainer. Whether you’ve just begun caring for a loved one or are doing more as their health declines, many experts can help you build your caregiving muscle, ensuring strength for difficult days ahead.