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KET Receives Fourteen Regional Emmy Nominations and Eight Wins

These KET-produced programs received fourteen regional Emmy nominations for 2021. Eight of fourteen ultimately won in their categories.

Several cyclists in brightly-colored clothes ride along a road lined with redbud trees in bloom.

Cycling Capital of Kentucky

WINNER: “Short- or long-form content in Lifestyle” for Jim Voskuhl
In this segment from Kentucky Life, bicyclists enjoy the freewheelin’ fun of the roads and trails in Kentucky’s Cycling Capital.

Artist Robert Dafford working on the design for murals on floodwalls.

Dafford Murals

In this segment from Kentucky Life, artist Robert Dafford has turned mundane floodwalls into works of art in Paducah and Covington.

Host Renee Shaw on the studio set with two screens on stands showing the program title.

Healing Childhood Trauma: A KET Special Report

Against the backdrop of COVID-19 and protests opposing systemic racism, host Renee Shaw and experts present the science of childhood trauma and the path to healing.

A person stands on a small balcony looking down past trees.

Kentucky Life Season 25, Episode 10

WINNER: “Magazine program” for Doug Flynn, Chelsea Gorham, Valerie Trimble, Gary Pahler and Angelic Phelps
The descendants of slaves and a slaveholder meet in Russellville; Memory – the Freedom Singers energized the Civil Rights movement; goats from Glasgow eat their way across Kentucky’s landscapes; Louisville’s Ché Rhodes’ passion and medium is glass; and a Kentucky Life Moment, the Budweiser Clydesdales visit My Old Kentucky Home.

Host Renee Shaw with guests on the Kentucky Tonight set.

Kentucky Tonight: State of Unrest

WINNER: “Public affairs program” for Renee Shaw, Toby Gibbs, Gabriela Martinez and Nick Helton
This special program examines the demands for racial justice and policing reforms after the officer-involved deaths of George Floyd in Minneapolis and Breonna Taylor of Louisville. Host Renee Shaw and guests discuss how to move beyond the protests to meaningful change.

An actor portraying Mary Ingles.

The Long Walk Home

In this segment from Kentucky Life, learn about how pioneer Mary Ingles, taken captive by the Shawnee, braved the wilderness unarmed and on foot to return home.

A painting of Julia Chinn surrounded by drawings depicting several people and a cross.

Remembering Julia

In this segment from Kentucky Life, learn about Julia Chinn who was born into slavery, and became the common-law wife of Richard Mentor Johnson, U.S. vice president with Martin Van Buren.

A mural on the side of a building showing lots of kids' toys interacting with each other.

Toying with Still Life

WINNER: “Documentary in Cultural/Topical” for Frank Simkonis
Kentucky-born artist Jonathan Queen uses classic toys as metaphors for complex themes in his paintings and public murals, many of which are located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Program logo superimposed over a street scene with lots of people walking.

Undiagnosed: The Diabetes Epidemic

WINNER: “Long-form content in Health/Medical” for Laura Krueger, Wayne Tuckson and Casey Harris
This documentary examines the alarming number of people with undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes or prediabetes, and how health champions throughout Kentucky are working to increase screening rates and connect people with proven lifestyle interventions.

Several violins bodies and violin parts along with tools leaning against a wall.

Violins of Hope

WINNER: “Short- or long-form content in Historical/Cultural” for Gary Pahler
The Violins of Hope exhibit at the Frazier Museum is a collection of restored instruments played by Jewish musicians during the Holocaust.

A thin waterfall amongst green trees and large rocks.

Kentucky Seasons

WINNER: “Short- or long-form content in Photographer” for Justin Allen, David Dampier and Steve Shaffer and “Live or post-produced Audio” for Brandon Cooper
Kentucky Seasons explores the scenic beauty of the Commonwealth, showcasing some of its most iconic natural wonders as well as seldom-seen locations. This special pledge program will air in August during SummerPledge 2021.

Al Smith Inducted to the Silver Circle

Additionally, longtime Comment on Kentucky host Al Smith will be posthumously honored as one of this year’s inductees to the Silver Circle, which serves as a hall of fame-style honor for television professionals who have made lasting contributions to the industry and its viewer communities for 25 or more years.