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Mental Health

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The words YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH A KET FORUM on a variegated blue background.

Youth Mental Health: A KET Forum
This forum examines the root causes of suicide, anxiety and depression among young people. Renee Shaw hosts.

Mental Health in Education: A KET Forum
Kentucky educators share their classroom experiences since the COVID-19 outbreak and how they’re addressing mental health concerns among their peers and students. Renee Shaw hosts.

Mental Health in Education

Suicide Prevention

You Are Not Alone – The Series
Renee Shaw hosts this 6-part KET series that features people on the front lines of mental health and emphasizes the importance of healthy, supportive relationships in helping youth overcome mental health challenges.

Preventing Youth Suicide: A KET Forum
This forum explores the alarming rise in youth suicide, examining its root causes, and highlighting the most effective strategies for prevention.

You Are Not Alone
The Hiding in Plain Sight logo featuring silhouettes of people.

Hiding in Plain Sight
A look at the lived experience of young people with mental health challenges and observations and insights of families, providers and advocates.

The Facing Suicide logo with a blue and white sky in the background and reddish grasses along the bottom.

Facing Suicide
Explore the powerful stories of those impacted by suicide – one of America’s most urgent mental health crises.

Renee Shaw and panel on erasing stigma of mental illness

Erasing the Stigma of Mental Illness
A look at the stigma in the media and in society regarding mental illness. Also, meet several people who are recovering from mental illness.


Mental Health and Wellness
Renee speaks with Marcie Timmerman, executive director of Mental Health America of Kentucky.

Dr. Kevin Chapman

Dr. Kevin Chapman
Renee speaks with Dr. Kevin Chapman, a licensed clinical psychologist from Louisville.

Woman speaking with young man

Carol Cecil/Resa Gonzalez
Renee speaks with Carol Cecil, executive director of the Kentucky Partnership for Families and Children.

Joe Bargione

School Psychologist Joe Bargione
Renee speaks with Dr. Joe Bargione, a retired school psychologist with Jefferson County Public Schools.

Sharon Price

Sharon Price and Damon Cobble
Renee speaks with the executive director of the Community Action Council and the founder of the Minority Mental Health Project.

Julie Cerel

Julie Cerel – Youth Suicide
Dr. Julie Cerel, a licensed clinical psychologist and professor in the College of Social Work at UK, talks about the rise in youth suicide.

Julie Cerel

Julie Cerel – Youth Suicide (2017)
Renee Shaw discusses youth suicide prevention with Dr. Julie Cerel, a professor, and licensed clinical psychologist.

Renees Shaw and guest

Youth Suicide
Renee Shaw and her guests discuss education and prevention of youth suicide which is the second leading cause of death for youth aged 10-24.

Operation Parent

Jean Schumm and Amanda Gale
Renee speaks with her guests about Operation Parent, a parent-driven organization that addresses today’s toughest youth issues.

Hamption interview youth mental health

Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton
Kentucky’s former Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton discusses her activism in addressing youth mental health and suicide prevention.

Anxiety disorders

Anxiety Disorders
Clinical psychologist Dr. Kevin Chapman of Louisville discusses anxiety disorders and an innovative approach called virtual reality exposure.

Sycarah Fisher

African Americans and Mental Health
Renee speaks with Dr. Sycarah Fisher in the College of Education at UK, and Shambra Mulder in the School of Education at KSU.

Renee Shaw on Before it's too late

Before Its Too Late: Preventing Teen Suicide
Family members directly impacted by teen suicide share their stories, and experts provide advice to those who fear a teen may consider suicide.

A smiling woman standing next to a smiling younger man

Smoking Cessation: An Essential Part of Mental Health Services
While tobacco use slowly drops among the general population, a startling 41 percent of persons with mental illness in Kentucky use tobacco, according to a 2013 study by the Centers for Disease Control.

Host Renee Shaw speaks with Dr. Kristin Ashford on set

Smoking Cessation and Pregnancy
Renee speaks with Dr. Kristin Ashford, a professor with UK’s College of Nursing whose research focuses on prenatal care and interventions aimed at preventing/ending tobacco use and illicit drugs.

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Panel on families and covid-19

Families and COVID-19: A KET Forum
Families across Kentucky learn to deal with a new reality – how to balance work, childcare, learning at home, and self-care needs.

Dr. Tuckson and Dr Stack

Tracking Cases, Mental Health, and More Stories of Recovery
Dr. Wayne Tuckson discusses tracking COVID-19 cases and the importance of mental health with Dr. Steven Stack.

Dr. Tuckson and Dr. Stack

Kentucky’s Path to Reopening and Mental Health Assistance
Balancing health and economic goals during Kentucky’s reopening and treating mental health during COVID-19 are discussed.

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Childhood Trauma

Healing Childhood Trauma: A KET Special Report
Against the backdrop of COVID-19 and protests opposing systemic racism, host Renee Shaw and experts present the science of childhood trauma and the path to healing. Funded in part by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky.

Healing Childhood Trauma

Dr. Donna Grigsby – Adverse Childhood Experiences
Renee speaks with Lexington pediatrician Dr. Donna Grigsby about early childhood brain development.

Trauma Toxic Stress panel

Trauma and Toxic Stress
Psychologist David Finke, Ph.D, vice-president of residential services at Uspiritus, discusses trauma and toxic stress and youth mental health.


Dale Suttles – Sunrise Children’s Services
Dale Suttles, president of Sunrise Children’s Services talks about the organization’s mission and services.


Advice for Parents with Coping Techniques
Dr. Erin Frazier discusses coping techniques for parents that can prevent child abuse.


Stress and Adolescence
Dr. John E. Gallehr, MD, a psychiatrist and pediatrician at U of L Physicians – Bingham Clinic in Louisville, discusses child and adolescent psychiatry issues.

Out of Control Child panel

The Out-of-Control Child
For families who are dealing with a child with extreme behavior problems, daily life can be scary, unpredictable and overwhelming.


Dr. Timothy Houchin – Child Psychiatrist
Renee speaks with child/adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Timothy M. Houchin, founder and president of 360 Mental Health Services.

Children in school wth one raising her hand

Safe and Sound: Raising Emotionally Healthy Children
This KET Special Report explores the importance of social and emotional development in the first years of life.

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Addressing Youth Violence
Anthony Smith talks about the violence-curbing initiatives he helped create in Louisville including the Right Turn program for teenagers.

Rashaad Abdur-Rahman

Reducing Youth Violence
Renee Shaw speaks with Rashaad Abdur-Rahman about ways to help steer people away from gun violence.

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Anti-Bullying Expert Dorothy Edwards
Dr. Dorothy J. Edwards, author of the Green Dot Violence Prevention Strategy, discusses violence prevention.


Guess Anti-Bullying Foundation
Renee speaks with Susan and Morgan Guess, a mother and daughter from Paducah, who started an anti-bullying foundation after Morgan was bullied.

Children hugging their families

When Children Are Cruel
Bullying has become a serious concern in school districts across the state and in the nation. Host Renee Shaw and guests explore the impact of bullying on students today.

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Drug Abuse

Face guests on set facing host Renee Shaw

Reducing Opioid Addiction Rates in Kentucky
Renee Shaw and her guests explore the issue of substance use prevention among adolescents.

Pain Management without addiction

Pain Management Without Addiction
Renee Shaw and guests discuss best practices for the safe use of opioids in pain management and explore non-pharmaceutical pain treatments like physical therapy.

Renee Shaw with panel to discuss opiod addition

Disrupting the Opioid Epidemic: A KET Forum
KET convenes the top experts in the state and a live studio audience to look at Kentucky’s response to the opioid epidemic. Hosted by Renee Shaw.

Panel on stopping drug Use before it starts

Stopping Drug Use Before It Starts
Renee Shaw and her guests explore the issue of substance use prevention among adolescents.

Journey to recovery

Journey to Recovery
An in-depth examination of the opioid epidemic in Kentucky and across the country. This program explores the treatment options available.

Drug Abuse and addition during covid-19

Addiction and Recovery in the Time of COVID-19
Dr. Tuckson welcomes Matt Brown, vice-president of administration at Addiction Recovery Care (ARC).

Pain Management

Pain Management and Treatment of Addiction
Dr. Tuckson speaks with Dr. Michael Fletcher, MD, president of the Kentucky Society of Addiction Medicine.

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