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Voting Rights Past, Present & Future

The University of Ky. Martin School of Public Policy and Administration’s Policy Symposium: “The Foundation of a Democracy: Voting Rights Past, Present & Future”

Session I: Symposium Overview and Historical Presentation
Topic: “Voting Rights in America: A Historical Perspective”

-Welcome and Introduction of Moderator: Dr. Merl Hackbart, Martin School
-Introduction of Rufus Friday: Pam Miller, Moderator
-Comments & Intro of Speaker: Rufus Friday, Publisher and President, Lexington Herald-Leader
-Speaker: Dorothy Gilliam, retired Washington Post Reporter and Columnist
-Introduction of Speaker: Pam Miller, Moderator
-Speaker: Ari Berman, correspondent for The Nation and author of “Give Us the Ballot”
-Wrap-up/Announcement of book signing: Pam Miller, Moderator

Session II: Presentation and Panel Discussion
Topic: “Voting Rights Issues in the States”

-Introduction of Session: Pam Miller, Moderator
-Session Moderator: Trey Grayson (former Kentucky Secretary of State)
-Panelists: David Becker, Director of Election Initiatives, The Pew Charitable Trusts
Pedro Cortés, Secretary of State, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Session III: Presentations and Panel Discussion
Topic: “Court Decisions and Their Impact on Voting Rights”

-Introduction of Session: Pam Miller, Moderator
-Session Moderator: Jennifer Coffman, former U.S. District Judge, Eastern District of Kentucky
-Panelists: Josh Douglas, Professor, UK College of Law
Point/Counterpoint Discussion:
-Judge Robert Hunter, North Carolina Court of Appeals
-Daniel Donovan, North Carolina voting rights attorney
-Wrap-up of session: Pam Miller, Moderator