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The Potter’s Inn

In scenic Wilmore, Kentucky, 10 miles southwest of Lexington, guests find relaxation and restoration at The Potter’s Inn.

The bed and breakfast is decorated with artwork created by co-owner Rudy Medlock, an artist and former professor at nearby Asbury University.

“Rudy’s a potter, and the verse in Jeremiah is very important to us where the Lord says, ‘Go down to the potter’s house and there I will cause you to hear and understand my word,’” says Rudy’s wife and Inn co-owner, Pat Medlock. “We had the impression to turn this building into a bed and breakfast where God could bring people for something besides just a good night’s rest.”

The Potter’s Inn has four rooms, each with a queen-sized bed. There’s a sunroom with games and a television and a wraparound porch that provides both sun and shade at any time of day. The homelike atmosphere of the renovated Victorian house is conducive to socializing among the guests.

“Most people who come here are the type of people who really enjoy meeting other people,” says Innkeeper Julie Jobryce. “They have an expectation of interaction. To me that’s the great thing about a bed and breakfast. You’re going not just for a nice bed to sleep in—that’s certainly important—but it’s about the feeling of community that comes out of that.”

Guests gather around communal tables for breakfast, which might feature egg casseroles and homemade blueberry muffins. Fresh fruit is always on offer, along with juice and coffee. Jobryce says the baked oatmeal is her most-requested menu item.

The combination of art and faith is one of the things that makes The Potters Inn unique among bed and breakfasts.

“Rudy’s pottery is on display throughout the house,” says Jobryce. “It’s on fireplace mantles and on shelves. I love having Rudy’s pottery here, just the way that he’s worked his faith into that and when I explain some of the symbolism and some of the different pieces, that’s a real draw for people.”

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This segment is part of Kentucky Life episode #2006, which originally aired on November 15, 2014. Click here to watch the full episode.