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Louisville’s popular spot, SuperChefs, started out as a pop-up concept that gained a big following early on.

“We started back in 2012 at a gyro restaurant,” says Rodney “Rock Alan” White, co-owner and chef at SuperChefs. “We would do breakfast there and then around 11:00 they would come in and do gyros.”

“We started Derby week, and by the time July hit, we’d already been offered three other restaurants to go into and do our same pop-up concept,” says co-owner and executive chef Darnell Ferguson.

SuperChefs’ unique and varied menu makes it a must-visit eatery for locals and visitors to Louisville.

“Our style of food, when you look at our menu, it is different, it’s unique, I call it urban eclectic,” says Ferguson. “It has like roots, it has stability, it has substance, it’s also relatable. But me as a chef, I’m none of those things, so therefore everything is unique. It’s about giving people something they cannot get anywhere else.”

The superhero theme for the restaurant came about after Ferguson and White had their first brick-and-mortar location. Ferguson says they wanted to make the restaurant feel approachable for everyone.

“SuperChefs is for everybody,” says Ferguson. “You could be in here, 80-year-olds at this table, it could be college students at that table, it could be a family at the next table, it could be a business meeting right behind you, and before you know it a celebrity may walk in.”

“It’s a family-oriented atmosphere…a reflection what’s out here reflects what goes on in the kitchen,” says White. “We’re typically singing. We’ve got good music playing. We just like to have fun, be ourselves, but be sure we get the job done to perfection.”

When asked what the best thing on the menu is, both White and Ferguson point to the banana pudding vanilla encrusted French toast.

“Granola encrusted, deep fried, stuffed with whipped cream cheese, whipped topping, fresh bananas,” says White. “Finish with crème anglaise sauce, topped with some caramel syrup. It is like heaven. Literally heaven. I love it.”

“It takes a lot to take a chef to taste his own food and feel really, really excited,” says Ferguson. “I felt like I was gonna change the game.”

“I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, fourth meal,” adds White. “Any type of meal.”

This segment is part of Kentucky Life episode #2409, which originally aired on February 16, 2019. Watch the full episode.