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Quilt Scholarship: Romance and Reality

The history of quilt scholarship in America is more relevant-and far more interesting-than some might think. Today, the field has grown into a serious discipline generating material of interest - not just to the quilt world - but to a dozen other important disciplines from material culture to sociology.
Season 1 Episode 9 Length 27:02 Premiere: 10/31/11 Rating: TV-G

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Season 1 Episodes

Quilt Scholarship: Romance and Reality

S1 E9 Length 27:02 Premiere Date 10/31/11

Quilt Nation : 20,000,000 and Counting!

S1 E8 Length 26:55 Premiere Date 10/24/11

Empowering Women One Quilt at a Time

S1 E7 Length 27:02 Premiere Date 10/17/11

How Quilts Have Been Viewed and Collected

S1 E6 Length 26:52 Premiere Date 10/10/11

Gee's Bend: The Most Famous Quilts In America?

S1 E5 Length 27:03 Premiere Date 10/03/11

What Is Art?

S1 E4 Length 26:57 Premiere Date 09/26/11

The Quilt Marketplace

S1 E3 Length 27:12 Premiere Date 09/19/11

Quilts Bring History Alive

S1 E2 Length 27:11 Premiere Date 09/12/11

Quilts 101 - Antique and Contemporary Quilts

S1 E1 Length 26:57 Premiere Date 09/05/11

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