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Nostalgic Diners

Season 1 Episode 1 Length 25:45 Premiere: 01/07/17

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The show hosts and the show logo.The show hosts and the show logo.

Season 1 Episodes

Pepper Campus and Kentucky Folk Art Center

S1 E19 Length 28:50 Premiere Date 07/15/17

Donut Trail and BBQ

S1 E18 Length 27:55 Premiere Date 07/08/17

Honor Flights and Nostalgic Louisville

S1 E17 Length 28:55 Premiere Date 07/01/17

Burgers in the Bluegrass

S1 E16 Length 29:00 Premiere Date 05/20/17

Historic Inns and Taverns

S1 E15 Length 26:30 Premiere Date 05/13/17

Adventure Kentucky

S1 E14 Length 28:30 Premiere Date 05/06/17

Community Commitment

S1 E13 Length 27:00 Premiere Date 04/29/17

Arts and Eats - Georgetown and Whitesburg

S1 E12 Length 27:40 Premiere Date 04/15/17

Going Local In Stanford and Hindman

S1 E11 Length 28:30 Premiere Date 04/08/17

Kentucky Culinary Trends - Food Trucks and Spicy Eats

S1 E9 Length 27:35 Premiere Date 03/25/17

Sugar and Spice Trail

S1 E8 Length 27:10 Premiere Date 02/25/17

Pay It Forward Restaurants

S1 E7 Length 27:40 Premiere Date 02/18/17

Crafty in the Commonwealth

S1 E6 Length 26:05 Premiere Date 02/11/17

Pizza in the Bluegrass

S1 E5 Length 24:35 Premiere Date 02/04/17

Food Synergy

S1 E4 Length 27:00 Premiere Date 01/28/17

A Sevierville Adventure

S1 E3 Length 27:25 Premiere Date 01/21/17

Lexington Museum Hop

S1 E2 Length 27:32 Premiere Date 01/14/17

Nostalgic Diners

S1 E1 Length 25:45 Premiere Date 01/07/17

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