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Art & Science of Serendipity

Many discoveries and inventions arise from the convergence of curiosity, accidents and unexpected outcomes. This is not luck but an emergent property of the creative and prepared mind. Science writer Pagan Kennedy explores the role of serendipity behind innovation, inventions and breakthrough thinking.
Season 2017 Episode 10 Length 58:49 Premiere: 08/21/17

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Season 2017 Episodes

Art & Science of Serendipity

S2017 E10 Length 58:49 Premiere Date 08/21/17


S2017 E9 Length 54:43 Premiere Date 08/07/17

Art @ The Edge

S2017 E8 Length 54:48 Premiere Date 07/31/17

Conscious Capitalism

S2017 E7 Length 56:13 Premiere Date 07/24/17

Alien Minds

S2017 E6 Length 54:08 Premiere Date 07/17/17

The Future of Higher Education

S2017 E5 Length 57:48 Premiere Date 07/14/17


S2017 E4 Length 57:23 Premiere Date 07/07/17

Virtual Reality

S2017 E3 Length 57:38 Premiere Date 07/07/17

King of the Hill

S2017 E2 Length 57:43 Premiere Date 06/19/17

Pandemic: Tracking Contagion

S2017 E1 Length 53:38 Premiere Date 06/12/17

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