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Who Were the Princes in the Tower?

The Princes in the Tower were Edward V and Richard, Duke of York – the sons of King Edward IV, who died suddenly in 1483. After Edward’s death, the princes’ uncle was crowned King Richard III, and the boys were sent to live at the Tower of London. However, they disappeared in the autumn of 1483, and legend has it they were killed on Richard’s orders. But investigators have other theories…
Clip Season 21 Episode 3 Length 01:50 Premiere: 11/22/23

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Season 21 Episodes

The Princes in the Tower

S21 E3 Length 55:16 Premiere Date 11/22/23

Death in Britannia

S21 E2 Length 55:16 Premiere Date 11/01/23

Eiffel's Race to the Top

S21 E1 Length 54:46 Premiere Date 10/25/23

Preview | The Princes in the Tower

Preview Length 00:32 Premiere Date 11/22/23

Who Were the Princes in the Tower?

Clip Length 01:50 Premiere Date 11/22/23

The Imposter, Lambert Simnel

Clip Length 01:44 Premiere Date 11/22/23

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