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Season 20 Episodes

Jurassic Fortunes

S20 E6 Length 55:02 Premiere Date 10/18/23

The Sunken Basilica

S20 E5 Length 55:16 Premiere Date 10/11/23

Hidden in the Amazon

S20 E4 Length 55:25 Premiere Date 11/09/22

Decoding Hieroglyphics

S20 E3 Length 55:25 Premiere Date 11/02/22

Last Days of Pompeii

S20 E2 Length 55:30 Premiere Date 10/19/22

Archaeology at Althorp

S20 E1 Length 55:30 Premiere Date 10/09/22

Preview | The Sunken Basilica

Preview Length 00:32 Premiere Date 10/11/23

An Underwater Dive to see the Sunken Basilica Up Close

Clip Length 01:28 Premiere Date 10/11/23

3D Modeling Brings a 4th-Century Basilica Back to Life

Clip Length 01:39 Premiere Date 10/11/23

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