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Al Smith

Al Smith, the longtime host of KET's Comment on Kentucky, talks about his new book, Kentucky Cured: Fifty Years in Kentucky Journalism, a collection of stories about mesmerizing people that he has met during his decades in the Bluegrass State.
Season 8 Episode 8 Length 28:31 Premiere: 02/24/13

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The show hosts and the show logo.The show hosts and the show logo.

Season 8 Episodes

Marshall Goldsmith, Leadership Development

S8 E49 Length 28:31 Premiere Date 12/22/13

Highlights from the SOAR Summit

S8 E48 Length 29:36 Premiere Date 12/15/13

Dr. John Nash and filmaker Ralph King

S8 E47 Length 28:01 Premiere Date 12/08/13

Rafe Sagarin, ecologist and professor

S8 E46 Length 26:02 Premiere Date 11/29/13

Dr. Michael Benson, president of Eastern Kentucky University

S8 E45 Length 29:00 Premiere Date 11/17/13

Joel Pett, editorial cartoonist

S8 E44 Length 28:01 Premiere Date 11/10/13

Kevin Smokler, author

S8 E43 Length 27:51 Premiere Date 11/02/13

Maurice McTigue on Ky's economic competitiveness

S8 E42 Length 28:01 Premiere Date 10/26/13

Sena Jeter Naslund, novelist

S8 E41 Length 28:21 Premiere Date 10/19/13

UL President James Ramsey

S8 E40 Length 28:51 Premiere Date 10/12/13

Bob Stewart, secretary of Kentucky's Tourism

S8 E39 Length 28:01 Premiere Date 10/05/13

Michael F. Cairo, author of The Gulf: The Bush Presidencies

S8 E38 Length 28:00 Premiere Date 09/28/13

Carey Smith, founder of Big Ass Fans

S8 E37 Length 28:36 Premiere Date 09/21/13

Dr. Everett McCorvey discusses The Gathering Ireland 2013

S8 E36 Length 28:01 Premiere Date 09/14/13

Ted Smith, Louisville's director of innovation

S8 E35 Length 28:01 Premiere Date 09/07/13

Keith Ballard, award-winning educator

S8 E34 Length 28:01 Premiere Date 09/01/13

Declan Coyle

S8 E33 Length 28:16 Premiere Date 08/24/13

Jill McCorkle, author of Life After Life

S8 E32 Length 28:01 Premiere Date 08/17/13

Dr. Eugenia Wang, aging research expert

S8 E31 Length 28:01 Premiere Date 08/10/13

CNN Analyst David Gergen

S8 E30 Length 27:31 Premiere Date 08/03/13

Jonathan Miller, The Recovering Politician

S8 E29 Length 28:01 Premiere Date 07/27/13

Lexington & Louisville Mayors

S8 E28 Length 56:37 Premiere Date 07/21/13

Tracey Damron

S8 E27 Length 28:01 Premiere Date 07/20/13

Alltech's Mark Lyons

S8 E26 Length 28:41 Premiere Date 07/13/13

Andy Barr

S8 E25 Length 28:31 Premiere Date 05/22/13

Hal Rogers

S8 E24 Length 28:46 Premiere Date 05/21/13

Thomas Massie

S8 E23 Length 28:31 Premiere Date 05/20/13

John Yarmuth

S8 E22 Length 28:16 Premiere Date 05/19/13

Brett Guthrie

S8 E20 Length 28:31 Premiere Date 05/15/13

Ed Whitfield

S8 E19 Length 28:21 Premiere Date 05/14/13

Rand Paul

S8 E18 Length 28:16 Premiere Date 05/13/13

Mitch McConnell

S8 E17 Length 28:16 Premiere Date 05/12/13

Reid Livingston: Ky. director for Save the Children USA

S8 E16 Length 28:01 Premiere Date 05/11/13

Craig Whitney, author of Living With Guns

S8 E15 Length 28:01 Premiere Date 05/04/13

Kakie Urch: Social Media and Breaking News

S8 E14 Length 28:01 Premiere Date 04/27/13

Dr. Gary Small: Memory Expert

S8 E13 Length 29:00 Premiere Date 04/20/13

Elena Passarello, author of Let Me Clear My Throat

S8 E12 Length 28:00 Premiere Date 04/13/13

Gene Wilhoit

S8 E11 Length 28:01 Premiere Date 04/06/13

Keith O'Brien

S8 E10 Length 28:01 Premiere Date 03/30/13

Dr. James Klotter, author of Bluegrass Renaissance

S8 E9 Length 28:01 Premiere Date 03/23/13

Al Smith

S8 E8 Length 28:31 Premiere Date 02/24/13

Dave Adkisson

S8 E7 Length 28:27 Premiere Date 02/17/13

David Walker

S8 E4 Length 28:01 Premiere Date 01/27/13

Janna McMahan

S8 E3 Length 28:01 Premiere Date 01/20/13

Nobel Laureate James Heckman

S8 E2 Length 58:24 Premiere Date 01/13/13

Governor Steve Beshear

S8 E1 Length 28:01 Premiere Date 01/06/13

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