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United States of ALEC: A Follow-Up

Moyers & Company follows up on a breakthrough 2012 report about ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council. A national consortium of state politicians and powerful corporations, ALEC presents itself as a “nonpartisan public-private partnership.” But behind that mantra lies a network of lobbying and political action aimed to increase corporate profits at public expense without public knowledge
Season 2 Episode 24 Length 54:36 Premiere: 06/20/13

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Season 2 Episodes

The Pope, Poverty and Poetry

S2 E52 Length 54:33 Premiere Date 12/27/13

State of Conflict: North Carolina

S2 E51 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 01/03/14

Incarceration Nation

S2 E50 Length 54:31 Premiere Date 12/20/13

Gunfighter Nation

S2 E49 Length 54:33 Premiere Date 12/13/13

Encore: America's Gilded Capital

S2 E48 Length 50:37 Premiere Date 12/06/13

Encore: Wendell Berry: Poet and Prophet

S2 E47 Length 50:37 Premiere Date 11/29/13

Politics in the Age of Casino Capitalism

S2 E46 Length 54:33 Premiere Date 11/22/13

The Path of Positive Resistance

S2 E45 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 11/15/13

How Dollarocracy is Destroying America

S2 E44 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 11/08/13

The Top Secret Trade Deal You Need to Know About

S2 E43 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 10/31/13

Progressives Pick up the Pieces

S2 E42 Length 54:35 Premiere Date 10/24/13

America’s Political Breakdown

S2 E41 Premiere Date 10/17/13

Citizens United: The Sequel

S2 E40 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 10/10/13

Wendell Berry: Poet and Prophet

S2 E39 Length 54:35 Premiere Date 10/03/13

Saving the Earth from Ourselves 

S2 E38 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 09/26/13

Inequality for All

S2 E37 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 09/19/13

The Collision of Sports and Politics

S2 E36 Length 54:35 Premiere Date 09/12/13

What Are We Doing in Syria?

S2 E35 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 09/05/13

Encore: John Lewis Marches On

S2 E34 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 08/27/13

America's Gilded Capital

S2 E33 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 08/22/13

Encore: How People Power Generates Change

S2 E32 Premiere Date 08/15/13

Encore: Taming Capitalism Run Wild

S2 E31 Length 50:37 Premiere Date 08/08/13

Encore: The Faces of America’s Hungry

S2 E30 Length 50:36 Premiere Date 08/01/13

John Lewis Marches On

S2 E29 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 07/25/13

Fighting for Farmworkers

S2 E28 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 07/18/13

Distracted from Democracy

S2 E27 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 07/11/13

Surviving the New American Economy

S2 E26 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 07/02/13

The Faces of America’s Hungry

S2 E25 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 06/27/13

United States of ALEC: A Follow-Up

S2 E24 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 06/20/13

Big Brother’s Prying Eyes

S2 E23 Length 54:37 Premiere Date 06/13/13

Taming Capitalism Run Wild

S2 E22 Length 50:36 Premiere Date 06/06/13

Living Outside Tribal Lines, May 31, 2013

S2 E21 Length 50:36 Premiere Date 05/30/13

Going to Jail for Justice

S2 E20 Length 54:35 Premiere Date 05/23/13

The Toxic Politics of Science

S2 E19 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 05/16/13

How People Power Generates Change

S2 E18 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 05/09/13

The Sandy Hook Promise

S2 E17 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 05/02/13

Trading Democracy for ‘Security’

S2 E16 Length 54:35 Premiere Date 04/25/13

A Mother Fights Toxic Trespassers

S2 E15 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 04/18/13

Living Outside Tribal Lines

S2 E14 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 04/11/13

MLK’s Dream of Economic Justice

S2 E13 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 04/04/13

And Justice for Some

S2 E12 Length 54:37 Premiere Date 03/28/13

What Has Capitalism Done for Us Lately?

S2 E11 Length 54:35 Premiere Date 03/21/13

Ending the Silence on Climate Change

S2 E10 Length 50:36 Premiere Date 03/14/13

What We Can Learn From Lincoln

S2 E9 Length 52:46 Premiere Date 03/08/13

Fighting Creeping Creationism

S2 E8 Length 52:46 Premiere Date 03/01/13

Taming Capitalism Run Wild

S2 E7 Length 56:46 Premiere Date 02/22/13

American Public Television

Clip Length 00:03 Premiere Date 02/15/13

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