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American Indians Confront "Savage Anxieties"

Earlier this month, as part of the $585 billion defense bill for 2015, Congress passed a measure that would give lands sacred to American Indians in Arizona to a foreign company. This week, Bill speaks with Robert A. Williams Jr., a professor specializing in American Indian law, about how such deals are a part of American Indian's tragic history of dispossession.
Season 3 Episode 52 Length 24:43 Premiere: 12/26/14

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Season 3 Episodes

American Indians Confront "Savage Anxieties"

S3 E52 Length 24:43 Premiere Date 12/26/14

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The Fight — and the Right — to Vote

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Too Big to Jail?

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America’s New War in the Middle East

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Climate Change: Faith and Fact

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Elizabeth Warren on Fighting Back Against Wall St. Giants

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How Tax Reform Can Save the Middle Class

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Joseph E. Stiglitz: Let’s Stop Subsidizing Tax Dodgers

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Facing Evil with Maya Angelou

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Going Home with Maya Angelou

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John Lithgow on The Role of a Lifetime

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The Conscience of a Compassionate Conservative

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The Crusade Against Reproductive Rights

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Is the Surpreme Court Out of Order?

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Grass Roots Grow Against Greed

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The Truth vs. DC's Propaganda Machine

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Chaos in Iraq

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Too Big to Fail and Getting Bigger

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How Tax Reform Can Save the Middle Class

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Joseph E. Stiglitz: Let’s Stop Subsidizing Tax Dodgers

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Facing the Truth: The Case for Reparations

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The War on Climate Scientists

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Time to Get Real on Climate Change

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Is Net Neutrality Dead?

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Putting the Freeze on Global Warming

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What the 1% Don't Want You to Know

S3 E15 Length 24:50 Premiere Date 04/16/14

Fighting for the Four Freedoms

S3 E14 Length 24:50 Premiere Date 04/11/14

All Work and No Pay

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Public Schools for Sale?

S3 E12 Length 24:51 Premiere Date 03/26/14

Who's Buying our Midterm Elections?

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No Escaping Dragnet Nation

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Ian Haney López on the Dog Whistle Politics of Race, Part 2

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The Deep State Hiding in Plain Sight

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Putting Political Corruption on Ice

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Bill McKibben to Obama: Say No to Big Oil

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Ian Haney López on the Dog Whistle Politics of Race

S3 E5 Length 22:34 Premiere Date 02/07/14

David Simon on America as a Horror Show

S3 E4 Length 24:50 Premiere Date 01/31/14

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Why Science Literacy Matters

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Neil deGrasse Tyson on Science, Religion and the Universe

S3 E2 Length 24:51 Premiere Date 01/17/14

Neil deGrasse Tyson on the New Cosmos

S3 E1 Length 24:55 Premiere Date 01/10/14

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