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NuLu's Why Louisville, Outside X-ploring, PYRO Gallery, more

Gift shop owner and and Lebowski Fest impresario Will Russell has opened up a WHY Louisville II shop in the NuLu/East Market Street neighborhood; Families Outside X-ploring or FOX is a series of events designed to get families into the great outdoors; an interview with Susan Barry, president and CEO of the Community Foundation of Louisville; and the unique works of artists at PYRO Gallery.
Season 7 Episode 14 Length 27:45 Premiere: 04/12/13

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Season 7 Episodes

Plant Kingdom, ear-X-tacy, Nucleus, & Deward Eades

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NuLu's Why Louisville, Outside X-ploring, PYRO Gallery, more

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River City Drum Corp/Nord's Bakery/John Yarmuth/Trent Altman

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Victor Mature/Spot5/Greater Louisville Inc. - Craig J. Richa

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Blackacre State Nature Preserve and more

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The Kentucky Opera/Vendome Copper & Brass Works/Donna Hargen

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Hadley Pottery/Rooibee Red Tea/Wendy Whelan

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Swope Auto Museum/ValuMarket/Food Trucks

S7 E2 Length 26:30 Premiere Date 12/15/12

Jeff Dupre/Guitar Emporium/Bernson's Corner

S7 E1 Length 28:51 Premiere Date 12/08/12

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