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Carol Wyatt: 35 Years of TV Animation and Film

Legendary film animator Carol Wyatt, who grew up in Louisville, sits down for a conversation with Brooke Keesling, head of animation talent development at Bento Box. Wyatt talks about animation as a profound means of storytelling through color, allowing her to weave narratives through her work on programs such as Rick and Morty, The Simpsons, Rocko's Modern Life, Foster's Home for Imaginary...
Season 1 Episode 18 Length 52:06 Premiere: 02/05/24

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Season 1 Episodes

Carol Wyatt: 35 Years of TV Animation and Film

S1 E18 Length 52:06 Premiere Date 02/05/24

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Junior Bridgeman Interview with Daniel and Evan Roth

S1 E2 Length 57:43 Premiere Date 07/07/23

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S1 E1 Length 56:22 Premiere Date 07/07/23

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Carol Wyatt: 35 Years of TV Animation and Film - S1 E18

  • Tuesday March 26, 2024 7:00 am ET on KETKY
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