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The Statue of Liberty

This episode explores the evolving meaning of The Statue of Liberty as symbol for a “nation of immigrants,” and how it embodies our values and our conflicts, from abolition and women’s suffrage to the treatment of refugees
Season 1 Episode 5 Length 55:11 Premiere: 07/11/23

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Stone Mountain

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The Statue of Liberty

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A Poem for All Americans, About Immigration

Clip Length 00:55 Premiere Date 07/11/23

"Their Immigration Story Becomes the Story of Their Life"

Clip Length 02:45 Premiere Date 07/11/23

The Statue of Liberty Preview

Preview Length 00:31 Premiere Date 07/11/23

A Symbol of America

Clip Length 00:47 Premiere Date 07/11/23

How the Statue of Liberty's Anti-Slavery Origins Evolved

Clip Length 03:41 Premiere Date 07/11/23

The French Connection

Clip Length 03:56 Premiere Date 07/11/23

A Catalyst for Reflection on Our Past Transgressions

Clip Length 01:06 Premiere Date 07/11/23

Returning July 11 with the First of Four New Episodes

Preview Length 00:31 Premiere Date 07/11/23

Behind the Scenes

Preview Length 01:00 Premiere Date 04/26/23


Preview Length 00:31 Premiere Date 04/26/23

Iconic America Title Sequence

Preview Length 00:26 Premiere Date 04/20/23

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