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MINIATURES explores the world of small objects and big ideas. Featuring miniaturist Mark Murphy, designer and collector Alexander Girard and the “Multiple Visions: A Common Bond” exhibition at the Museum of International Folk Art, the International Folk Art Market, Cuban artist Leandro Gomez Quintero, and woodblock printmaker and marionette maker Gustave Baumann.
Season 15 Episode 2 Length 55:36 Premiere: 12/01/23

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Season 15 Episodes


S15 E2 Length 55:36 Premiere Date 12/01/23

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S15 E1 Length 55:06 Premiere Date 12/01/23


Preview Length 01:00 Premiere Date 12/01/23

Calder Kamin on Austin Creative Reuse

Clip Length 01:18 Premiere Date 12/01/23

International Folk Art Market basket weaver

Clip Length 01:57 Premiere Date 12/01/23

Mark Murphy shows us his miniature furniture

Clip Length 02:19 Premiere Date 12/01/23

Recycling plastic through Precious Plastic program

Clip Length 00:54 Premiere Date 12/01/23

Roberto Benavidez on creating piñatas & "piñathkos"

Clip Length 01:49 Premiere Date 12/01/23

Puppeteering the snow leopard at Noah's Ark

Clip Length 01:47 Premiere Date 12/01/23

Gustave Baumann's Printing the Democrat woodblock print

Clip Length 01:10 Premiere Date 12/01/23

Schroeder Cherry's Civil Rights Childrens Crusade

Clip Length 09:53 Premiere Date 12/01/23

El Orfeon Santiago Chorus

Clip Length 01:23 Premiere Date 12/01/23

Underground Railroad, Not a Subway by Schroeder Cherry

Clip Length 25:34 Premiere Date 12/01/23

Multiple Visions: A Common Bond

Clip Length 01:20 Premiere Date 12/01/23

International Guild of Miniature Artisans

Clip Length 02:27 Premiere Date 12/01/23

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