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Hosted by Air Force combat veteran Stacy Pearsall, "After Action" reveals the experiences of 21 diverse veterans from across the country. Conversations about life before, during and after action provide a deeper appreciation for those who’ve served.
Preview Length 04:55 Premiere: 11/07/22

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Season Episodes


S1 E7 Length 57:41 Premiere Date 02/15/23

Mind, Body, Spirit-Animals

S1 E6 Length 56:44 Premiere Date 02/08/23

Her Silence

S1 E5 Length 57:52 Premiere Date 02/01/23

Glass Ceiling

S1 E4 Length 57:34 Premiere Date 01/25/23

Pledge of Allegiance

S1 E3 Length 57:16 Premiere Date 01/18/23


S1 E2 Length 56:02 Premiere Date 01/11/23

All Gave Some

S1 E1 Length 57:47 Premiere Date 11/07/22

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