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Weekly Theme: Let’s Vote

This week, we’re learning how to take action. Taking action gives us a chance to make positive changes in our communities.


Peg + Cat: Parade Problem, The/The Halloween Problem

7:00 AM ET on KET KIDS


Math With Pumpkins
Whether you are making a jack-o-lantern for Halloween, a pumpkin pie for the holidays, or pumpkin soup for a cold, rainy day, here is a fun way to engage your child in estimation, measurement, and simple graphing activities.

Super Peg+Cat Guy Game
Join Peg+Cat in this interactive game about superheroes and making a difference.

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Featured Activity: Bingo

Engage your child with this fun bingo activity for PreK-K and 1st-2nd grade.

Arthur: The Election/Francine Goes To War

1:00 PM ET on KET KIDS


Patriotic Paper Flags
The election season is here, and it’s time to convey to your kids how important it is to vote! Get your little ones excited with these cute and patriotic voting flags. You can make them again for the 4th of July!

Arthur’s Big App
School’s out at Lakewood Elementary School and that means it’s time for an after school adventure! Join Arthur, Buster, Francine, and Muffy in a series of mini-games set all around Elwood City!

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Neighborhood Votes/The Class Votes, The

4:30 PM ET on KET KIDS


Play an Addition Game
Make math more fun with this easy-to-make, frugal game! You can make it more difficult for your older children by using higher numbers or doing speed rounds.

Classroom Helpers
Learn how to be a great helper in the classroom.

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Peg + Cat: The Election Problem/The Littlest Chicken Problem


Count Your Chickens
Just like Peg and Cat in The Chicken Problem, your child will search for chickens while practicing counting and recognizing numbers 1-10. This activity is great for a group of children.

The Election Problem
This interactive story book will help your child understand the election process.

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Wild Kratts: A Bat in the Brownies


Build Homes for Bats
Help your child build a bat box and learn about the habitat preferences and shelter needs of the little brown bat. After building bat house your child can use the criteria for good bat house placement to choose the best spot for their bat house.

Wild Kratts Bat Mask
Create your own bat mask with this printable.

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Odd Squad: Haunt Squad/Safe House in the Woods


Halloween Math Game: Roll a Jack-O’-Lantern
The holidays are the perfect opportunity to spice up learning activities! This roll a jack-o’-lantern game helps kids practice recognizing numbers, place values and patterns.

Odd Squad Costume Badge
Print and cut out this custom costume badge for Halloween.

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