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Group Speaks Out on School-Related Legislation

Save Our Schools Kentucky is a grassroots organization that wants to protect public schools in the commonwealth. The group rallied in Frankfort Monday to voice their opposition to legislation regarding charter schools and neighborhood schools. They also wanted to demonstrate how easy it is for citizens to participate in the legislative process.

Gay Adelmann, who founded the organization, joined other Jefferson County Public Schools parents, teachers, and students to speak at the Capitol Rotunda and meet with lawmakers.

The group’s members oppose House Bill 520, which would allow for the creation of charter schools in the state. They say the measure has been rushed through the legislative process and lawmakers haven’t had enough time to accurately assess the bill. Adelmann adds that her organization is not against charter schools, but she contends this specific measure is not ready for passage.

Save Our Schools also disapproves of House Bill 151, which would allow elementary students to attend to the schools closest to their homes rather than being bussed to distant schools. Critics of the bill contend it could lead to a re-segregation of Jefferson County schools given the segregated housing patterns that exist in Metro Louisville.

Supporters of HB 520 say it will give parents more choice when it comes to educating their children. Supporters of HB 151 argue it will facilitate more parental participation and engagement in their child’s school.