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Fairness Legislation Draws Bipartisan Support

A bicameral, bipartisan group of lawmakers want to update the state’s civil rights laws to protect the LGBTQ community against discrimination. Two measures aimed at that goal, House Bill 155 and Senate Bill 176, have been dubbed the Kentucky Competitive Workforce Act.

Sen. Morgan McGarvey (D-Louisville) is the sponsor of SB 176. At a fairness rally at the state capitol Wednesday, McGarvey said this kind of legislation only makes sense.

Sen. Reggie Thomas (D-Lexington) equated discrimination with injustice during his remarks at the rally.

Rep. Kelly Flood (D-Lexington) called herself a straight ally in the fight for LGBTQ rights.

Sen. Gerald Neal (D–Louisville) urged the LGBTQ community to stand their ground on the issue and continue to voice their concerns for equality.

Both HB 155 and SB 176 have bipartisan support in their respective chambers. Thursday morning Louisville Republican Rep. Denver Butler added his name to the list of sponsors for HB 155. Butler recently switched his party affiliation from Democratic to Republican.

Although HB 155 was heard in the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, it was presented for discussion purposes only and is unlikely to get voted on this year.

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