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Legislative Extras

Behind the Scenes with KET’s Legislative Coverage

More than a dozen KET staff and contractors work long hours to produce coverage of the annual Kentucky General Assembly sessions.

Camera operators Roger Bondurant, Jim Bugay, Brit Davis, Rex Hart, Michelle LaRock, Becky Newton, and Jim Slone follow all the action in the House and Senate chambers and in committee rooms. Those video feeds go to the KET production offices in the Capitol Annex where the rest of the team works to bring to you the proceedings on KET-KY as well as streaming online and to the Legislative Coverage App.

Here’s a look at the KET Capitol Productions team in action.

KET production offices in Frankfort
Welcome to KET’s production offices at the Capitol Annex in Frankfort.
Renee Shaw
Renee Shaw, host and producer of Legislative Update, prepares material for her nightly broadcast.
KET Directors Prentice Walker (left) and Kelly Campbell
Directors Prentice Walker (left) and Kelly Campbell direct the camera crews covering Senate and House proceedings.
KET's Carl Babcock and Lillie Ruschell
Production Manager and Director Carl Babcock (left) and Associate Producer Lillie Ruschell monitor activities on the floors of House and Senate chambers.
KET Editor Jim Piston
Jim Piston edits segments for the nightly Legislative Update programs.
KET Video Engineer David Hadley
Video Engineer David Hadley monitors the feeds from Frankfort to KET’s Lexington broadcast center.
The Legislative Update set
A quiet moment on the Legislative Update set.