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KET happily welcomes tailgaters for this year’s University of Kentucky football season. Thank you for being a champion of KET and for your donation. As a benefit of your support, you will receive season parking passes for all UK home football games.

Given the excitement surrounding UK football and KET’s accessibility to the stadium, the use of KET’s lots is expected to be high.

Please follow these measures designed to ensure that all guests have a positive experience at KET.

Parking access

  • Due to game day traffic flows, the best route to Cooper Drive and KET is from Tates Creek Road. City and university traffic police watch for game-specific KET hang passes on your rear-view mirror, and wave through permitted vehicles only.
  • KET’s main parking lot entrance is at 600 Cooper Drive. Additional (but limited) parking is located behind 560 Cooper Drive off Sports Center Drive.
  • Security guards posted at each lot entrance will not allow access without the appropriate pass and tear-off pass stub.
  • Detach your parking-pass stub at the bottom of the hang pass and present it to the security guard as you enter. No re-entry is permitted.
  • Display the remainder of the pass on your rear-view mirror, with the KET logo and permit number externally visible at all times.
  • Lots open at 9 a.m. on game days (7 a.m. for noon kick-offs).
  • Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Use designated parking spaces only; do not park on grass unless directed to do so by security.
  • RVs are not permitted.

Tailgating at KET

  • One pass = one vehicle = one space, including tent, chairs, grills, TVs, generators, etc. Caterers must have proper parking permits.
  • Overnight parking and tent set-ups in lots/grassy areas are prohibited; violators will be towed/removed.
  • Only one 10′ x 10′ tent/proportionate number of guests is permitted per pass; tent occupants may be asked to show proof of pass.
  • Do not block sidewalks or entrances, nor stage tents behind vehicles as this impedes the flow of traffic and/or emergency vehicles.
  • Limit gameplay to grassy areas to avoid damaging parked vehicles.
  • Music should be confined to your tailgate area; portable generators must have a decibel rating of 60DB or less; electrical connections to KET are prohibited.
  • Please remove all trash; guards have extra garbage bags if needed. Dumpsters are located by the loading dock behind KET’s Network Center. Flammables/charcoal/grill ashes must be properly extinguished and disposed of and cannot be placed in dumpsters/trash cans. Also, do not discard cooking oils/grease on KET or public property.
  • For crowd assistance, uniformed officers and perimeter cameras monitor KET lots at all times.

In General

  • KET parking passes cannot be sold or traded.
  • Please observe all liquor laws, as well as safety and fire precautions.
  • Smoking is not allowed on KET property, including all grounds and parking areas.
  • Signage recognizing businesses/organizations must be pre-approved by KET. Political signs are always prohibited at KET.
  • KET’s buildings will not be open to the public.
  • Port-a-lets are located behind the 600 Cooper Drive Network Center by the loading dock area. Other restroom facilities are located en route to the stadium.
  • Be respectful of others regarding group size, noise, safety and property.

Private tailgate

  • KET can provide space for conjoined tents and/or a larger, private tailgate (25-100 people) for an additional contribution; however, parking for guests is not included.
  • Insurance and other compliance are required, and all costs are the responsibility of the host party.
  • For more details, please contact Kacie Miller at or 859-258-7206.

Mark your calendar for KET’s annual donor appreciation Tailgate Party on October 8 before the UK vs. South Carolina game. We hope you will join us! Enjoy a great football season and thank you for being a champion of KET!

In exchange for the use of these parking facilities, anyone holding or using the enclosed parking passes on KET premises assumes all risks incidental to using the parking facilities, whether occurring prior to, during, or subsequent to the use of the parking facilities, including, but not limited to the risks of personal injury, damage to any vehicle, theft of any vehicle, or theft of any personal item from a vehicle. The holder or user of these parking passes agrees that KET and the Commonwealth Fund for KET shall not be liable for any injuries or damages that may occur. KET and the Commonwealth Fund do not guarantee surveillance of personal items and are not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen items.

All policies herein apply to anyone using a KET parking pass, and any misuse or violation may result in the loss of parking privileges. All policies are subject to change due to COVID restrictions. If you have any questions or experience any challenges, please contact Kacie Miller at or 859-258-7206.