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Season 1 Season 1 Episodes

Crowded Skies

S1 E3 Length 53:11 Premiere Date 07/13/16

Masters of the Sky

S1 E2 Length 51:40 Premiere Date 07/06/16

Defying Gravity

S1 E1 Length 51:40 Premiere Date 06/29/16

Bat vs Moth: A Nighttime Arms Race

Clip Length 03:21 Premiere Date 07/13/16

Anna’s Hummingbirds Attract Mates with Speed

Clip Length 03:01 Premiere Date 07/13/16

Inside a Giant Flock

Clip Length 02:53 Premiere Date 07/13/16

The Rhinoceros Beetle in Flight

Clip Length 02:58 Premiere Date 07/06/16

A Powerful Swan Take Off

Clip Length 03:09 Premiere Date 07/06/16

How the Albatross Soars

Clip Length 02:53 Premiere Date 07/06/16

Bat Wings: The Ultimate Flying Machine?

Clip Length 02:35 Premiere Date 07/06/16

A Caracal’s Incredible Vertical Launch

Clip Length 03:21 Premiere Date 06/29/16

Wood Ducklings Take a Leap of Faith on the Day They Hatch

Clip Length 02:50 Premiere Date 06/29/16

Australia’s Greatest Leapers Defy Gravity

Clip Length 03:52 Premiere Date 06/29/16


Preview Length 00:30 Premiere Date 06/29/16

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