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Preview | Ben Franklin's Bones

In November 1997, when the skeletal remains of at least 28 bodies were unearthed in the basement of an elegant townhouse, police feared it was the work of a serial killer. But when research indicated the bones actually dated to the mid-1700s, the implications became even more dramatic. This was no ordinary house: 36 Craven Street was the former residence of Benjamin Franklin.
Preview Season 14 Episode 1 Length 00:30 Premiere: 01/28/15

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Season 14 Episodes

The Real Trojan Horse

S14 E3 Length 54:40 Premiere Date 10/13/15

JFK & LBJ: A Time for Greatness

S14 E2 Length 55:10 Premiere Date 08/04/15

Ben Franklin's Bones

S14 E1 Length 54:41 Premiere Date 01/28/15

Preview | Ben Franklin's Bones

Preview Length 00:30 Premiere Date 01/28/15

The Rise of the Body Snatchers

Clip Length 02:37 Premiere Date 01/28/15

Ben Franklin’s Scientific Achievements

Clip Length 03:23 Premiere Date 01/28/15

William Hewson’s Experiments and the Craven Street Bones

Clip Length 02:21 Premiere Date 01/28/15

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