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The Wolves Among Us in Yellowstone

To become the world’s Top Predator, we also have to eliminate the competition. We’ve waged war on America’s wolves for two centuries. For decades, eliminating wolves was an official federal policy. Shane joins Yellowstone National Park’s wolf recovery lead, Dan Stahler, to investigate a fresh kill and learn why humans can’t replace the role that wild predators play in our ecosystems.
Clip Season 1 Episode 2 Length 02:05 Premiere: 07/12/23

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Season 1 Episodes

The Ground Below

S1 E6 Length 54:53 Premiere Date 08/09/23

The Urban Jungle

S1 E5 Length 55:12 Premiere Date 08/02/23

The Replacements

S1 E4 Length 55:21 Premiere Date 07/24/23

Man's Best Friend

S1 E3 Length 55:23 Premiere Date 07/19/23

Top Predator

S1 E2 Length 55:24 Premiere Date 07/12/23

Strangers In Paradise

S1 E1 Length 55:11 Premiere Date 07/05/23

Episode 2 Preview

Preview Length 00:30 Premiere Date 07/12/23

Exploring the Epic Whale Warehouse with Shane

Clip Length 02:59 Premiere Date 07/12/23

Searching for the Tuskless Elephants of Gorongosa

Clip Length 04:50 Premiere Date 07/12/23

The Wolves Among Us in Yellowstone

Clip Length 02:05 Premiere Date 07/12/23


Preview Length 00:30 Premiere Date 07/05/23

Our Impact on Planet Earth

Clip Length 01:30 Premiere Date 07/05/23

The Making of Episode 1: Strangers in Paradise

Clip Length 04:49 Premiere Date 07/05/23

Making 'Human Footprint': The Grind

Clip Length 06:51 Premiere Date 07/05/23

The 'Human Footprint' Soundtrack

Clip Length 04:57 Premiere Date 07/05/23

What Is 'Human Footprint'?

Clip Length 09:29 Premiere Date 07/05/23

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