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Cozy up to family holiday specials

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Shorter days and colder nights offer a good reason to cozy up with family to enjoy holiday favorites! Here are a few of the programs and specials airing on KET and airing and live streaming on the KET PBS KIDS channel. (Click on the titles for additional air times and dates.)

Happy holidays to your family from all of us at KET!

Once Upon a Sesame Street Christmas

KET Friday, Nov. 24 • 11:30/10:30 am
KET Monday, Dec. 11 • 11:30/10:30 am
A bedtime story for Elmo recalls a gloomy time when Sesame Street was devoid of holiday spirit until a distant relative brought tidings of comfort and joy to its residents.

Cat in the Hat Christmas special

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas

KET PBS KIDS Dec. 8-10 • 8:30/7:30 pm
KET2 Dec. 14 & 26 • 6/5 am
The Cat in the Hat, Nick, and Sally go on a journey around the world to help a lost reindeer find his way home in time for Christmas.

Splash and Bubbles: Whitebeard/Coral Day

KET Tuesday, Dec. 12 & 20 • 11/10 am
KET Sunday, Dec. 17 • 8:30/7:30 am
KET PBS KIDS Dec 15-17 • 8/7 pm
According to legend, tonight is the night that Whitebeard, a mysterious creature who lives at the North Pole, sails over Reeftown. Then, it’s the holiday season in Reeftown as everyone gets ready for a celebration of the coral that makes up their home.

Peg + Cat with Santa

Peg + Cat + Holidays

KET PBS KIDS Dec. 15-17 • 7/6 & 9/8 pm
KET Dec. 11, 15 & 26 • 1 pm/noon
“The Hanukkah Problem” – Albert Einstein shows them how to make a 2D piece of paper into a 3D dreidel.
“The Christmas Problem” – When Santa Claus is in trouble, Peg and Cat have to solve their biggest problem ever.
“The Penguin Problem” – Peg and Cat coach a team of skiing penguins.

Ready Jet Go! Christmas special

Ready Jet Go!: Holidays in Boxwood Terrace

KET Dec. 11, 15, 21, 25 • 7/6 am & 2/1 pm
KET PBS KIDS Dec. 11, 15, 21, 24, 25 • 6:30 pm
KET PBS KIDS Dec. 22-24 • 8/7 pm
Jet directs the annual Boxwood Terrace Christmas Pageant and looks for the Spirit of Christmas, something intangible that Sean and Sydney can’t quite define.

Wild Kratts Christmas special

Wild Kratts: A Creature Christmas

KET Dec. 11, 15, 25 • 7:30/6:30 am & 3:30/2:30 pm
KET PBS KIDS Dec. 11, 22, 23, 24, 25 • 7/6 pm
It’s Christmastime, and the Kratts are taking a break from creature adventuring to celebrate. But when they are alerted that their favorite creatures are disappearing around the globe, their holiday party quickly turns into a rescue mission.

Cyberchase: A Reboot Eve to Remember

KET Friday, Dec. 29 • 5:30/4:30 pm
KET PBS KIDS Dec. 29-31 • 7/6 pm
On Reboot Day, all of Cyberspace celebrates a fresh start for the new year. It’s Delete’s favorite holiday, but Hacker is in a bad mood because he’s low on energy.

Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas

KET Dec. 11, 15 & 25 • 8:30/7:30 am &
Dec 17 • 9/8 am
George and The Man with the Yellow Hat are having a wonderful time getting ready for Christmas. There’s only one dilemma – neither of them knows what to give the other for a present.